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Dichiarazione di Valore - DoV - Declaration of Value


Dichiarazione di Valore - DoV - Declaration of Value

DoV for pre-enrolment and enrolment procedures

The Declaration of Value will be issued by the Consular Office competent for the place of issue of the highest degree/diploma.

Please note that the DoV will be issued only if expressly required by the concerned Italian higher education institution during the admission process.

The DoV request must be submitted at the VFS Global Application Center:

a) by students pre-enroling in Laurea degree and Laurea magistrale degree courses, if so required by the Italian higher education institution during the pre-enrolment procedure through the UNIVERSITALY.

b) by students pre-enroling in courses at AFAM or SSML institutions or Institutes in psychotherapy specialisation and other institutions authorized to issue higher artistic, musical and dance education qualifications.

In order to obtain a “Declaration of Value” from the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi, please, submit the application form in person to the VfS Global Application Center along with the following documents as enlisted in CHECK LIST link.

Please note that when submitting the documents to the VfS to obtain the DoV, VfS will connect the applicant to the Embassy of Italy through VTC for a briefing.


· HRD Stamp-Regional Authentication Centre (department of Education) of the state from which the degree has been obtained

· Apostille -should be obtained from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

· For translation please refer to list of translators.

· Consular fees-Pls note that in case of DOV for for PhD and for employment in Italy, the applicable consular fees amount to Rs 3420 for declaration of Value and Rs 1090 for each page of attestation of translation into Italian, of the degree/diploma and transcript.