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Satellite equipment

It should be noted that the introduction of satellite equipment in India is prohibited and that the possession of the same is subject to severe penalties pursuant to Indian legislation.
Similarly, the introduction of receiver-transmitters, telescopes, etc., is subject to authorization by the Indian Authorities. It is recommended to acquire the relevant information from the Indian diplomatic-consular authorities in Italy in case it is intended to introduce such devices in the country. Please note that unauthorized possession is subject to severe penalties (including arrest).The Indian authorities strictly prohibit, in the absence of the prior authorization of the same authorities, the flight of unmanned aircraft such as a drone, hot air balloon, paragliding, hang-gliding, ultralight aircraft, etc. within a radius of 30 km around Vijay Chowk (city center) in New Delhi.


Business Visa - Registration Obligation

Attention is drawn to the recent partial modification of the rules governing the stay and registration of foreigners in India. In fact, the registration at competent Indian Authority (Foreigners Regional Registration Office - FRRO - or Foreigners Registration Office – FRO) is mandatory for business visa holders if their stay in India is longer than 180 days, regardless of the number of Visas issued and exits from the country during this period.


Entry Visa - Respect of the expiration date

There are cases of Italian nationals arrested by the Indian border authorities, who at the time of the exit of the foreigner from the country object to the failure to comply with local rules on entry visas. The irregularity, which is detected mostly at the airports, may concern both the stay on the Indian territory beyond the date of validity of the Visa and the failure to register the foreigner with the competent national Authorities (Foreign Regional Registration Office - FRRO or Foreign Registration Office - FRO,, in the cases which this obligation is expressly indicated in the entry Visa.
Violations of Indian provisions can cause police arrest and temporary ban on leaving the country, leading in some cases to the inclusion of the foreigner’s name in the list of persons who are prohibited from re-entering India (black list). The expenses for the modification or purchase of new air tickets and lodging expenses are entirely borne by the interested parties. It is therefore recommended to pay the utmost attention to the local regulations, respecting the expiry dates of the entry visa and scrupulously following the indications of the Indian Authorities regarding the stay.


Transit Visa

In case of transit flights to India for destinations such as Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives or Sri Lanka, it is advisable to obtain a transit visa for India, without which it is not possible to leave the airport area in case of delayed connections or flight cancellation.