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In this section, you’ll find information on the services offered by the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi

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The Consular Section has the task of ensuring the protection of Italians in India and offers various services in this regard.

The services are provided according to principles of equality, impartiality, efficiency and transparency, having as their objective the protection of Italian citizens with respect to fundamental rights and personal freedom. Protection covers, for example, cases of death, accident, serious illness, arrest or detention, acts of violence, assistance in the event of major crises (natural disasters, civil unrest, armed conflict, etc.), issue to non-resident citizens of emergency travel documents due to loss or theft of passports.

Access to the Consular Section

We inform you that access to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi is allowed only by appointment.

To request an appointment, you may contact the Consular Section by sending your request to:

Starting from Monday 21 February 2022, some consular services will be bookable exclusively through the PRENOT@AMI portal (  ). Registration is necessary in order to access the portal.

For information on the procedure for booking an appointment for the required service, click on the menu on the left

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Return of missing passports found abroad

Lost or stolen passports, subsequently found by the local authorities, must be returned to the Consular Section in whose district the theft or loss occurred.

We therefore invite those who have suffered a theft / loss in India and want to check if their documents have been found to contact the Consular Section of the Embassy at:

Kindly note that withdrawal of passports can take place in the following ways:

• direct collection at the Consular Office;

• sending by post, with shipping costs borne by the applicant.

Please note that after the maximum period of one year of storage at the Consular Section, starting from the date on which the local authorities returned the stolen or lost passports, without the documents having been claimed by the legitimate owners, they will be destroyed without further communication.