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G7 and G20 Engagement Group: the Young Ambassadors Society is recruiting the Italian Delegates for the Y7 and Y20


In collaboration with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Young Ambassadors Society (YAS) is now recruiting the delegates that in 2023 will join the Italian Delegation of the Youth 7 (Y7) and Youth 20 (Y20), the official engagement groups of the G7 and G20 for young people.

The work of the youth groups lasts several months throughout the year and culminates in the Y20 and Y7 Summits where a Final Communique, containing proposals from the young delegates, is finalized and passed on to the Presidents and Heads of State.

The Italian Delegations are led and recruited annually by the Young Ambassadors Society.

In 2022, the Y20 and Y7 Summits will take place, respectively, in India and Japan and will focus on the following priority areas:

Sustainability and EnvironmentDigital Transformation and TechnologyEconomy and Future of WorkInclusion, Equal Opportunities and Global Health

To apply to join the Y20 or Y7 Italian delegation, candidates must:

Be aged between 19 and 30 in 2023;Be fluent in English (speaking, writing, and reading) and Italian (speaking, writing, and reading);Have volunteer, studying or working experiences related to at least one of the priority areas;Be willing and able to work in team with other Italian and international delegates;Be able to attend the Y7/Y20 Summit and to commit to the work done before and after the Summit with the Delegation (around 7 hours per week), e.g. by supporting YAS to organize consultations with young Italian people and associations, by researching topics, writing policy papers, attending online pre-meetings and negotiations, attending potential pre or post-summit meetings in Rome with representatives of the Italian Institutions, working on possible follow-up actions after the Summit, and such alike;Understand global problems with a multicultural perspective and be aware of the role of the G7/G20 and of the role of the Y7/Y20 engagement groups;Be able to finance the costs associated to the participation to the Summit that are not covered by the hosting country – please see more details in the next section;Be able to get a VISA to enter the hosting country, if required.

Board and accommodation for the time spent in the hosting countries will be provided. Each Delegate should cover the expenses for the round trip to the location of the Summits and the costs associated with potential pre and/or post-Summit meetings in Rome with representatives of the Italian Institutions.

The deadline for submitting the application is 15 December 2022 for the Y7 and 31 January 2023 for the Y20. We review applications on a rolling basis, so we strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible.

For more information and to send your application please use the following link:

If you have any questions please send an email to

About YAS

The Young Ambassadors Society (YAS) was founded in 2011 with the goal of empowering young people and offering them opportunities to make an impact and make their voice heard by global policy makers. Through our activities, we create the conditions to learn and raise awareness on many issues related to politics, economics, innovation and sustainability.

Together with a global network of international associations, YAS is one of the founding members of the Y20 and Y7 that are the G20 and G7 official engagement groups for young people. Since their foundation, YAS has been responsible for these engagement groups for Italy in collaboration with the Italian Government and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

In 2021, as Chair of the Y20, YAS worked with the G20 Italian Presidency and G20 Ministerial Working Groups to bring youth voice and perspectives on issues related to health, education, economic development, labour, innovation and culture. In 2017, YAS was also Chair of the Y7 engagement group of the G7 under the Italian Presidency, and in 2024 will be Chair of the Y7 Italy.