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Study in Italy

The development of relations between Indian and Italian universities and the growth of flows of Indian students to Italy are some of the activities that affect the Italian diplomatic-consular network in India. To this end, it also avails itself of the contribution of Uni-Italia, the official Italian Association for the promotion of Italian higher education and assistance to international students who intend to continue their studies in Italy. The association is present in Mumbai, hosted by the premises of the Consulate General of Italy, and in Delhi with a representative.

The Italian educational system is based on solid notions, a vigorous scientific method and a creative approach that favor critical thinking, flexibility and the ability to solve complex problems. Since the first modern University in Europe was founded in Bologna in 1088, Italy has been able to generate extensive experience in different academic departments, from the traditional fields of architecture, arts, design and fashion to applied sciences to industrialization and digitization, physics and neuroscience. More than 60 vibrant public universities, 30 private universities and 11 public research organizations, state-of-the-art university programs, AFAM (Centers for Higher Arts Education), offer more than 500 study programs in English. Some of the most important business schools in Europe are also in Italy, including the famous SDA Bocconi in Milan, the financial center of the country. Its MBA programs consistently rank among the best in the world.

Aspiring Indian students can count on mostly affordable tuition fees and reasonable accommodation and board and health insurance compared to other European destinations.

Aspiring Indian students can also apply for scholarships for Masters, Advanced Artistic, Musical and Dance Education Courses (AFAM) and for PhDs, as well as for research projects under academic supervision and advanced courses in Italian language and culture. In addition, some universities do not charge tuition fees depending on the financial situation of the students and others offer dedicated scholarship programs.

As a gateway to Europe, Italy is also able to offer a healthy and safe environment for prospective students, sharing some similarities with India in lifestyle, family awareness and appreciation for good food. Italy will surely teach you more than the Italian language.
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