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Press Release- Italian Research Day 2019 (Monday, April 15th)

Monday, April 15th
The Italian Research Day in the World is meant to recognize the relevance of scientific and technological research work that Italian nationals conduct abroad and it will be celebrated on April 15th, the day when Leonardo Da Vinci was born.
The initiative of celebrating the work of researchers work has reached its second edition. Last year more than 80 events were organized by more than 50 Consulates and Embassies around the world.

As in 2018, also this year the Italian Embassy in Delhi will mark this day with the special event “A journey into Italy’s green Heart”: after enjoying a welcome Italian Aperitif, guests will be invited to attend the presentation and discussion “Sustainability of Italian agriculture: a bridge between tradition and innovation” by Prof. Nicola Lacetera, Director of the Department and Forest Science at the University La Tuscia and Dr Anna Kauber, Director of the documentary film “IN QUESTO MONDO- In this world” which will be screened shortly after.

Before becoming Director of the Department and Forest Science at University La Tuscia, Nicola Lacetra has worked in the following institutes: Caldwell Animal Hospital (NC, USA, 1986); Department of Microbiology, Colorado State University (CO, USA, 1988-1989); Department of Animal Health and Husbandry, University of Bristol (UK, 1994 and 1995); – Laboratoire Associé de Recherches sur les Lentivirus chez le Petits Ruminants, Ecole Vétérinaire of Lion (France, 1997); – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization,Brisbane (Australia, 2015 e 2016).
Anna Kauber is an Italian director, author, and landscaper. She studies and popularizes life and work in the rural world, and deals in particular with social and cultural topics regarding communities. From to 2015 to 2017, she conducted video interviews of female shepherds throughout Italy, which became the starting point of IN QUESTO MONDO (2018). The movie was awarded as best Italian Documentary Film at the 2018 Turin International Film Festival.
The movie demonstrates that shepherdesses are perfectly present-day, they often live alone but also with partners or with their family, and therefore they are fully involved in their social and economic communities. The film follows the director’s experience while living with them for some time, connecting with them deeply. These bonds of friendship and affection have become true narrative, spontaneous and intimate, of the protagonists’ motivations, difficulties and satisfactions.

Thursday, April 17th
Movie “Being Leonardo da Vinci- an impossible interview”
In connection with the Italian Research Day, the weekly movie night at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre will also be dedicated to the research and in particular to Leonardo Da Vinci and the movie “Being Leonardo Da Vinci- an impossible interview” by Massiliano Finazzer Flory will be screened on Wednesday April 17th.

Venue: Italian Embassy Cultural Centre 50 E- Chandragupta Marg (entry from Nyaya Marg),
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 

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